Note: Due to shelter-in-place public health orders in effect across the Bay Area, many facilities, programs and businesses are closed or may have reduced services — call first. Please follow State and Federal guidelines for keeping yourself and our community safe and healthy.

RecycleWhere is a collaboration amongst local governmental agencies including San Francisco Department of the Environment, StopWaste (Alameda County Waste Management Authority), Contra Costa County and City of Palo Alto. The goal of RecycleWhere is to reduce waste by providing accurate information about reuse, recycling, and proper disposal options for residents and businesses without regard to traditional municipal boundaries.


NOTE:   RecycleWhere displays search results that apply to residents living in a "Single Family Dwelling", unless you select "Apartment/Multi-unit" or "Business" when entering your search term and city/zip code.

Most vendor locations listed in RecycleWhere serve residents and businesses, however there are some facilities or pick-up services that are geographically limited to a specific community or territory.  You don’t have to live in the area where you are trying to get rid of something. You can search for nearby drop-off locations in any area of your choosing, simply enter the city and zip code to see locations listed in order of distance starting with the places closest to the selected city and zip.

Residential services are typically divided into two categories: people who live in single family homes and people who live in multi-unit complexes like apartments or condos. There is no common definition of a multi-unit complex from area to area, so if you are unsure please check with your local service provider. Recycling collection services often differ for residents living in single family homes compared to those in apartments. If you live in a multi-unit housing complex, be sure to select "Aparment/Multi-unit" when searching for information about what you can recycle at home.